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"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."


Feeling Blue

​The World Health Organization ranks depression as the fourth most debilitating condition on earth...just below heart disease, cancer and accidents. And it's dramatically on the rise worldwide.

Maureen's Approach

My counseling style is very eclectic. I use a variety of therapeutic techniques which cater to each individual’s unique needs, bearing in mind that those needs may change over time — together, we are creating a “work in progress.”  My style is a combination of psychodynamic, self-psychology and cognitive/behavioral (CBT) and I am a very interactive therapist who incorporates warmth and humor.

My interests in mind/body healing, energy work and Reiki also inform my work with clients. Often, I find it helpful with many of my clients to incorporate various spiritual philosophies such as Buddhism, or meditation/visualization techniques. 

In my Philly office I offer in-person Coaching sessions focusing on life changes.  I do not diagnose or treat severe mental health issues at this location. Topics addressed include:Career issues, food and body image issues, life stressors, relationship issues, co-dependency patterns, lowering negative thought patterns and helping clients move forward with future goals. I enjoy working with executives, entrepreneurs, students, artists and other creative folks.

I also believe that first and foremost, a client needs to make a solid connection with her/his therapist  and that a genuine, down-to-earth stance on the part of the therapist affords the client the most beneficial and comfortable experience in the therapy room. Feedback over the years from my clients includes feeling extremely comfortable to share their information and also an appreciation of my direct and interactive style.

Ensō Therapy offers confidential individual counseling sessions or couples therapy sessions. 

Maureen's specialties include: 

•  Depression, Anxiety, Isolation

•  Relationship Problems

•  Career & Work Stress

•  Spiritual & Personal Growth

 Addictions, Self Esteem & Self-Identity Issues

 Food & Body Image Issues, Eating Disorders

 Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Transgender/Gender Variant

 Couples Counseling
  Non-traditional relationships ie: Poly

 HIV/AIDS-Coping w/illness, Disclosure Issues

 Stage of Life Transitions